Saturday, 28 May 2011

Recent Press

Since the start of the year I've had my work featured on a few websites and thought that keeping track of it all on my blog is the best place for it. 

Not only that but I'm sure that by clicking through to some of these pages below you'll find some great new websites to follow for advice and tips on photography and also some brilliant blogs featuring real weddings. Great inspiration if you are currently planning your wedding or hen party.

The first feature I received this year was on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings. I sent in Hayley's Rock The Frock shoot and really didn't think anything would come of it, but luckily Lou was excited about the images and two weeks later it was featured. This website features so many beautiful weddings, engagement shoots and rock the frocks, I really recommend it if you're in the planning stage of your wedding.

Then I was emailed by Emma from Aphrodite's Wedding Blog asking if she could do an interview with me about my career in the wedding industry. I have to say, I was pretty blown away by this one because at the time I was only about two months into starting my business and had only shot one wedding. Nonetheless she thought it would make a great feature for her blog and it gave me the chance to explain a bit more about where I've come from and how I hope to succeed in wedding photography.

This next feature also came completely out of the blue. Ross Dean from Photo Night Live emailed me and asked if I'd be interested in taking part in a Skype interview with Emma Case about Creating Opportunities in Photography. I hate seeing myself and hearing my voice back on camera so I've never been able to go back and watch this myself! But I learnt a lot from Emma and Ross on this interview and so many people got in touch to say they found it useful too.

Colchester Circle Magazine featured one of my images and linked to my website in their February edition which was also the first time I have ever had my work in a printed publication (very exciting!)

 Then Claudia Carter from Photo Events UK asked if I'd be the featured photographer on the website until July. I got sent the hardest interview questions from Will Ablett! But again it is another interview that can give you a bit more of a glimpse of me and how I got started. This website when it finally all comes together is going to be a brilliant resource for photographers looking for workshops, shoot-swaps, conventions and seminars.

Finally after collaborating with Hazy Days Caravan Hire at the beginning of May. We had our first feature on Tattybojangles Vintage Hen House blog. Another great resource for those of you who are engaged and looking to plan your hen party. This website is all about classy ways to celebrate with no 'L' plates in sight!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Steve Gerrard's Wedding Photography Workshop - Birmingham

On Wednesday Myself and 11 others attended Steve Gerrard's Wedding Photography workshop in Birmingham. I managed to peer pressure photography friend Amy along as well because I thought she'd get a lot from the workshop (and I didn't want to be lonely!) She did bring lots of entertainment especially when her tamogotchi decided to give birth.

Anyway... back to the course. Steve was very forthcoming with his knowledge and experiences in setting up a photography business. He told us a lot about the things he has learnt on the way and has definitely got me thinking a lot about the way I want to take things from now on. He also showed us his workflow, and gave us some great tips to speed up the editing process. I can't believe I didn't know about Photoshop droplets... but thankful that I now do!!

In the afternoon we wandered the streets nearby Steve's studio in the old custard factory and took some pictures of our models for the day Dave and Leanne. I loved the shooting, we do not have the gritty locations that Birmingham has to offer here in Colchester. But I certainly think I'll be looking more at the less obvious locations for future shoots. I mean these two even made a skip look great...

I'll be posting a behind the scenes post soon as well as I got some fun photos of everybody in action on the day as well. See the links below to see everyone else's results from the day too (I'll be adding more as and when people update their blogs)

Amy Radcliffe
Jenny O'Neill

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Millie- Teen Representative 2011 - Mersea Photo Shoot

Millie's teen photo shoot is so whimsical, girly and full of pastel colours,  I have been so excited to get it blogged.

We met at Seaview beach in Mersea which is where we found these gorgeous pastel beach huts lining the seafront. Having lived in Colchester my whole life I'm surprised I've never heard of this area or already been there, but it made a brilliant backdrop for Millie's photos.

Millie is like many other teens going through exams at the moment. So I wish not only her but all of you the best of luck for the coming few months. 

Remember if you're interested in your own teen shoot in a location of your choice a donation is made to Teenage Cancer Trust for everyone I book. I'm also now offering gift vouchers just email and ask. They make the perfect present for good exam results!

Monday, 16 May 2011

My Week In Pictures...

 This week I revisted my uni days and saw Friendly Fires at Heaven in London. I hadn't been to this club since 2007 maybe? Last time I was there I had my purse along with all my money and bank cards stolen. This time wasn't quite so traumatic and Friendly Fires were a fun band to see live. Plus, they had some really pretty lighting!!

I've also been completely consumed by the book 'Never Let Me Go' by Kazuo Ishiguro I think it will be finished in the next couple of days. Saturday I met Millie for a fun teen shoot and discovered a part of Mersea I'd never seen before, pastel coloured beach huts! Loved it.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

No Such Thing As Can't

Back in 2009 I worked for six months on a cruise ship that went back and forth through Alaska and then down to the Carribbean. It was both the hardest and best job I've ever had but I am now glad it's in the past! This is mainly because it was horrible when you made friends on the ship only for them to leave and go home and become replaced with someone else. Even worse was the thought of not knowing if you'd ever see these people ever again. Most of the friends I made aboard the Island Princess live in completely different countries and it's really sad knowing we'll never all be together in the same room ever again.

I was going through my photos the other day to make sure I had things organised and backed up and found one of my friend Hannes on what was a pretty poignant day for me. He had become such a close friend in the three months I had known him on the ship and his contract along with another photographer Tim, was coming to an end. I remember us all saying that we couldn't complete out contracts without them, it wouldn't be the same, we'd be counting the days until we left.... there was even a tear-jearking video made for their send off! (which I'd like to have linked to also, but it's a bit rude in places!)

With some rare time off in Ketchikan Alaska, Hannes and I headed out for a walk and he told me there was something he'd like to show me that he'd seen whilst out on a run when he was in port another time. He proceeded to walk up the steepest hill I had ever seen in my life, I wish I'd taken a picture. It was a really picturesque place with wooden houses on stilts all the way up. I moaned though (of course!) that there was no way I could make it all the way up, it can't be possible to walk up there!

Then when we got there he showed me this saying inscribed into the wall at the top of the hill outside somebody's house. 'No Such Thing As Can't' and I just had to laugh. At the time it made me realise that of course I'd complete my contract with Princess Cruises and obviously I could walk up a hill. It's just a matter of keeping ahold of that positive attitude. 

Recently I've been beating myself up about things not happening as quickly or exactly as I'd like, comparing my work to others and feeling really demotivated by lack of success where others seem to be blossoming. When I'm having these real 'pity party' days I like to think of Hannes and his optimism and the way he sees the world

Today when I came across this photo it made me smile, because when I finally left the ship I was so worried about what I'd do for a job afterwards. The year following my disembark I tried to set up a photography business and really wasn't getting there so I resided to the fact that I couldn't do it well enough to make it my full time career. I got a job elsewhere and put the idea to the back of my mind. 

Now however I realise that there really is no such thing as can't and the work I put in back then has helped build my portfolio up to where I am now. Without even realising it I was working towards where I wanted to be. Where I am now is happily growing my new business, albeit slowly but I know that this time next year things will be even better.

I should mention that Hannes is an amazing fashion photographer and you should shimmy on over to here and see his work. Also the pictures of the two of us were taken by my friend Katie who is my double living in America. As soon as I can afford to I'm off to South Africa to see Hannes again and walk up some more hills.

Millie - Teen Representative 2011 - Mersea Photo Shoot Sneak Peek

I had a great time with Millie this afternoon at Mersea, and couldn't resist getting one of her pictures edited and ready to see! Expect the rest next week. :)

Monday, 9 May 2011

My Week In Pictures

Oh it feels nice to be up to date with this project! This week I had an amazing photo shoot with some wonderful people down in Kent at Orchard Cottage, you can see the first part of that shoot here, but the rest is top secret until August. I also finally managed to organise my wardrobe and discovered that I actually do have clothes to wear, I just hadn't been able to find them!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Hazy Days Caravan Hire - Promotional Photo Shoot Kent

See this beautiful thing? It's Kitty Carlight. Now I have to admit I've never been a caravan person, we had lots of caravan holidays when I was little and really all the memories of them is waking up freezing to death and only having a electric heater for warmth it was horrible getting out of bed into the cold! However Kitty is the most gorgeous caravan I've ever seen and more excitedly I got to photograph her for a promotional shoot.

Zoe from Hazy Days Caravan Hire kindly lent out Kitty for a bridal photo shoot that is top secret and being kept under wraps until August. I am so excited about showing those pictures and believe me the wait will really be worth it. In the meantime however I wanted to show off Kitty in all her glory. 

Hazy Days Caravan Hire rent out retro styled caravans for festivals, events, weddings, parties and of course holidays. But not just that they offer a complete vintage experience, you  don't just get the caravan you get camping goods, kitchenalia, soft furnishings and picnic gear. Oh and that added luxury of flushing toilets and hot water... never again will I camp at a festival!

I also had Lauren Baker of Lauren By The Sea photography along to assist and get some extra snaps for me, I'm sure she'll soon be blogging her images from the shoot soon so make sure you head over to her page as well.

Please note, this isn't a sponsored post I honestly love the concept of this company and having the chance to work with them was brilliant!

This shoot took place in Shottenden in Kent at a tranquil caravan and camping site called Orchard Cottage. It's definitely the place to go for peace and quiet and cute farm animals!