Monday, 15 November 2010

Inspiration for photo shoots.

Often it can be difficult to narrow down you choice for locations for a photo shoot. The great thing about the 'Anytime' sessions I offer, is that they can take place anywhere you'd like. Custom photography like this leaves the major decisions to you which means you have complete control over the 'feeling' you are portraying in your images.

I get lots of emails from interested couples and families about where they should have their photo shoot. I think it pays to consider places that have a special meaning to you as a couple or family. It can be as mundane as your back garden or as out there as the science museum. All that matters is that it says something about you.

I've put together a post of some of my favourite photo sessions from across the internet. It may give you great ideas for thinking more personally about your photo shoot.

 The photos below are of Katie and Preston by Leigh Miller Photography I love the couples use of the pick up in the pictures. It's a part of their life and is an interesting dynamic to the pictures.

A lot of Joy's from photo's include props the couple felt described them. They had their session with fishing rods and a boat, and they are absolutely gorgeous! Make sure click here to see Amelia and Josh's session.

I absolutely adore this camping photo shoot by Shannen Norman 

These two had a common like in reading and so decided to have their photo shoot in a library. Photography by Hello Studios

Below is a video, that is just beautifully shot, from the colours to the storyline. Something as simple as taking a walk could make for some great photos. Postcards From Italy from ForYouLoveMe on Vimeo.

I hope this post has been helpful for you. I plan to make it a more regular feature here, just to keep the ideas flowing!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Keeley & Matt: Engaged - A Highwoods Photo Session

We've had conflicting schedules for months, and this shoot has been cancelled and re-scheduled more times than I can remember! However, I think it was in our favour because both the light and the weather was amazing for this photo shoot.

With Autumn rolling in, Highwoods is pretty scenic and a complete contrast to the session I did with Fia earlier in the year. The ground was red from all the leaves and the earlier rain, meant everything looked all shiny and lovely!

Hope you two enjoy them!