Saturday, 19 March 2011

Claudia Carter - Sneak Peek

Had the pleasure of meeting up with this lovely lady last weekend. We had a bit of lunch and then decided to practice on each other... I have more to edit, but couldn't resist posting this one!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

What I Wore Wednesday - 02.03.11

I'm addicted to fashion blogs, I love looking through the posts of bloggers who showcase their outfit choices. Most of the time it just makes me envious that I can't afford the clothes they have! But sometimes I also find myself a little inspired to try to re-work items already in my wardrobe.

I get really inspired by editorials in fashion magazines. It's often where I draw ideas from for posing subjects, and although I try not to pose people too much sometimes I meet someone and just know that that particular pose is going to look amazing in photographs, with what they're wearing and where they are. I can't resist it!

I'm going to try out a new feature on this blog called 'What I Wore Wednesday' and I'm basically going to post pictures of myself in an outfit I particularly liked from the previous week. I plan to share with you where the clothes are from, why I liked it and where I wore it. I don't think I'm amazingly fashionable but every now and then I do pull an outfit together that impresses me! It will also give me the chance to have a bit of practice at self portraiture, and learn what its like to be in front of the camera for once.

I advise everyone (ok, maybe just the girls?!) to go and read blogs by Keiko Lynn, The Vintage ValleyLookbook and Weardrobe as some of these people do this for a living, and are obviously much more style-savvy than I am! You'll be addicted in no time. (And if anyone knows of some others I should be subscribing too leave me a message in the comments!)

So if you're interested here is what I wore the other day. I was only popping into town to meet with a business advisor and talk over my business plan. Sometimes it's just nice to put on some clothes that make you feel good, because all this working from home lark means some days I just hang about the house locked to my laptop in my jeans and a hoody!

Dress: Tu at Sainsburys
Belt: H&M
Cardigan: Next
Leggings: H&M
Boots: Peacocks

(oooh I'm such a bargain hunter!!)

Next time I'm going to try and look less moody in my pictures... ;) Let me know if you like this blog feature, I'm a bit worried about posting it to be honest! I know it's not too focused on photography but sometimes I just have to indulge my girlie side!

Monday, 14 March 2011

My New Partner In Crime...

Last Christmas my family all put some money in towards a camera bag I was in love with, but was out of stock until February 2011. I was planning on buying the Red Lola Epiphanie bag. Until I went to order it and it was out of stock until the end of March.

I got completely fed up of waiting, and started looking elsewhere for a bag. Then I went on The Photography Parlour Meet Up in London (see my pictures from that here) and met Shan Fisher, who had a Kelly Moore camera bag on her and it blew the Lola out the water! So I tried it on, wanted to steal it (i didn't!) and immediately decided this was the one for me.

I ended up purchasing the bag through Everleaf. A UK supplier, which meant I didn't need to worry about export and custom taxes and it came the day after I ordered it! The only issue I had was deciding on the colour. I was torn between mustard yellow and muted teal, but finally settled on the yellow.

I've only had one shoot where I've used it, but I'm using it as a handbag in between because I just can't part from it! Take a look for yourselves...

Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Reminder About Family Photo Shoots...

On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th of March I will be offering 45 minute photo shoots for families at Highwoods Country Park in Colchester, Essex. There is no limit to the amount of people for these photo sessions, just bring along the family, children and even your dogs for a fun photo shoot walk.

Highwoods has plenty of areas to explore, open fields, a lake and dense woodland so it will provide a beautiful natural backdrop for your photographs. We'll start off from the Visitors centre and follow the paths around the woodland, I'll take pictures as we walk and make sure we stop in pre-planned areas for the all important big family picture. For the rest of the session, I'll capture you in action walking, talking and playing with your family, occasionally taking some of you aside for extra pictures.

The main aim of these photo shoots is that you can all be yourselves and have fun, I'll only be posing you for the main picture and the rest of the time I'm there to capture you being yourselves around each other. Highwoods, is perfect for this. There are lots of areas for the children to run about and I even think the mud will add to the photographs! (bring wellies!!) It's a perfect little day out in the fresh air!

Included in these photo sessions are;

- A 45 minute photo session.
- A password protected gallery for you to view your images.
- A 15 x 10 mounted and framed image of your choice. (in a light wood or white wood frame)
- The same image on CD for you to make further copies from or use online.
- Between 20-30 fully edited and enhanced pictures in my usual style for you to choose from.

After your photo session I'll edit between 20 - 30 photographs from your photo shoot and upload them into a password protected gallery. You can then choose one image to be printed in 15x10 size framed and mounted. (this is included in the price of the photo session along with the same image on CD for you to make further copies from) you then have the option to purchase further prints but you are under no obligation to buy if you do not want to.

Your photo session, framed print and image on CD is all included in the price of £70 (normally worth £150) 

Photo sessions will start at 10.00am on both days and are by appointment only. 

If you are interested email me at and we'll get you booked in! (Please note, I'm on holiday (yay!!) from the 14th-22nd March, but will answer all my e-mails the day I return and confirm appointments then!)

To see the results from my family's photo shoot click here

Friday, 11 March 2011

A Cambridge Bridal Shoot.

Last Friday I took my first visit to Cambridge, somewhere just an hour away from home yet I'd never been there before! When I arrived at Charlie Ross' house, we got carried away chatting with each other and the models for the day Lizzie and Olivia that we nearly run out of time for the actual shoot. Charlie provided some great neutral make-up for the day, the girls looked great.

Luckily the delay in getting make-up done and dresses on meant we caught some gorgeous afternoon light. We were so lucky with the weather, it looked like summer (although it was still freezing cold!). We walked around the college buildings in Cambridge and then took a few pictures around the town in quirky little cobbled streets surrounded by bikes.

This next photo is my absolute favourite from the day... I had a hard time choosing between colour or black and white because they both looked stunning!

I'm so pleased with the results from this photo shoot and think it's my favourite set of photos in my portfolio so far! Thank you Lizzie, Olivia and Charlie!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Alice In Wonderland Inspired Photo Shoot.

A couple of weeks back now my sister in law and I had the idea of doing a photo shoot themed around Alice In Wonderland. We got carried away with the idea sourcing all kinds of props and even making some (see the paper bouquet below... that caused so much stress!). My mum helped to sew a huge blue bow on a dress, and playing cards on to a tulle skirt.

Then we decided to get a make-up artist involved and I knew this project would be right up Charlie Ross' street. Both of us are currently in that awkward, wanting clients but needing more to show for ourselves stage in our "careers" so collaborating on portfolio shoots is perfect.

Sometimes it's nice to just shoot for yourself, which I see this project as. I used to arrange shoots like this a lot, wandering into the woods and clambering on trees to create some atmospheric pictures. It was good to go back to that experience photographing something purely for the enjoyment of it and not worrying about whether it would bring me potential clients. Although, if I do get clients who want themed shoots I'll be over the moon! They're so fun to photograph.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

My Week In Pictures...

I had a great shoot with Charlie Ross again this week. We've decided to arrange shoots as often as possible just to keep our portfolios updated and the bridal shoot she arranged this week was so fun. We end up gossiping so much throughout shoots that it doesn't feel like work, so if these shoots pay off and one day we're earning money from it, this will be the best job in the world!

I'm still behind on editing this week, I have the Alice shoot waiting to be tackled Monday morning and don't plan to leave my laptop until it's finished and uploaded! Then I can get cracking on the bridal shoot and the family photo shoot I shot today.

On that subject Family shoots are still available for the weekend of March 26th and 27th so make sure you book up soon. A fun walk around the woods to be had and a framed picture of your choice all for £70! Click here for more information.

I'm off to Morocco on March 14th and finding it hard to contain my excitement, already counting down the days and I'm pretty sure I'll be counting the hours soon! eeeeek!!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

A Cambridge Bridal Shoot - Sneak Peek

Ok, so I haven't managed to finish my 'Alice' photo shoot editing today! It's getting there and I want to post it in full, sorry to prolong the anticipation!

To tide you over here is a sneak peek of a bridal shoot I collaborated with Charlie Ross on in Cambridge. We got so many great shots from this day, it's going to be a hard job cutting them down.