Thursday, 24 June 2010

A Wedding Rehearsal

Saturday marks the day of shooting my first wedding. I've been excited about shooting a wedding for as long as I can remember now, but as the day looms I'm starting to feel the nerves. Lucky for me the wedding is that of one of my best friends sister. So I'm happy that I'll know the wedding party and a lot of the wedding guests. Also, to ease my nerves slightly, another family friend of theirs is taking the important photos. I'm going to shoot everything anyway to see how I, and my equipment copes with the situation, but its great to know that if I do mess this up someone else didn't!

I went along to the wedding rehearsal to scope out the church, and see how the order of the ceremony would go. All Saints Church in Brightlingsea seems to be a light trap, it was so bright in there even at 7 in the evening. So this is yet another thing calming me, my camera and lenses coped then, so I'm sure they'll help me to produce some great images on Saturday.

Fingers crossed for Saturday! I'll update here with the images soon.