Saturday, 28 May 2011

Recent Press

Since the start of the year I've had my work featured on a few websites and thought that keeping track of it all on my blog is the best place for it. 

Not only that but I'm sure that by clicking through to some of these pages below you'll find some great new websites to follow for advice and tips on photography and also some brilliant blogs featuring real weddings. Great inspiration if you are currently planning your wedding or hen party.

The first feature I received this year was on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings. I sent in Hayley's Rock The Frock shoot and really didn't think anything would come of it, but luckily Lou was excited about the images and two weeks later it was featured. This website features so many beautiful weddings, engagement shoots and rock the frocks, I really recommend it if you're in the planning stage of your wedding.

Then I was emailed by Emma from Aphrodite's Wedding Blog asking if she could do an interview with me about my career in the wedding industry. I have to say, I was pretty blown away by this one because at the time I was only about two months into starting my business and had only shot one wedding. Nonetheless she thought it would make a great feature for her blog and it gave me the chance to explain a bit more about where I've come from and how I hope to succeed in wedding photography.

This next feature also came completely out of the blue. Ross Dean from Photo Night Live emailed me and asked if I'd be interested in taking part in a Skype interview with Emma Case about Creating Opportunities in Photography. I hate seeing myself and hearing my voice back on camera so I've never been able to go back and watch this myself! But I learnt a lot from Emma and Ross on this interview and so many people got in touch to say they found it useful too.

Colchester Circle Magazine featured one of my images and linked to my website in their February edition which was also the first time I have ever had my work in a printed publication (very exciting!)

 Then Claudia Carter from Photo Events UK asked if I'd be the featured photographer on the website until July. I got sent the hardest interview questions from Will Ablett! But again it is another interview that can give you a bit more of a glimpse of me and how I got started. This website when it finally all comes together is going to be a brilliant resource for photographers looking for workshops, shoot-swaps, conventions and seminars.

Finally after collaborating with Hazy Days Caravan Hire at the beginning of May. We had our first feature on Tattybojangles Vintage Hen House blog. Another great resource for those of you who are engaged and looking to plan your hen party. This website is all about classy ways to celebrate with no 'L' plates in sight!

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