Sunday, 8 May 2011

Hazy Days Caravan Hire - Promotional Photo Shoot Kent

See this beautiful thing? It's Kitty Carlight. Now I have to admit I've never been a caravan person, we had lots of caravan holidays when I was little and really all the memories of them is waking up freezing to death and only having a electric heater for warmth it was horrible getting out of bed into the cold! However Kitty is the most gorgeous caravan I've ever seen and more excitedly I got to photograph her for a promotional shoot.

Zoe from Hazy Days Caravan Hire kindly lent out Kitty for a bridal photo shoot that is top secret and being kept under wraps until August. I am so excited about showing those pictures and believe me the wait will really be worth it. In the meantime however I wanted to show off Kitty in all her glory. 

Hazy Days Caravan Hire rent out retro styled caravans for festivals, events, weddings, parties and of course holidays. But not just that they offer a complete vintage experience, you  don't just get the caravan you get camping goods, kitchenalia, soft furnishings and picnic gear. Oh and that added luxury of flushing toilets and hot water... never again will I camp at a festival!

I also had Lauren Baker of Lauren By The Sea photography along to assist and get some extra snaps for me, I'm sure she'll soon be blogging her images from the shoot soon so make sure you head over to her page as well.

Please note, this isn't a sponsored post I honestly love the concept of this company and having the chance to work with them was brilliant!

This shoot took place in Shottenden in Kent at a tranquil caravan and camping site called Orchard Cottage. It's definitely the place to go for peace and quiet and cute farm animals!

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  1. i had to pin it! it's beautiful! all of your photos are! i wish i had your eye for photography! but i don't i'm just an average jane!