Friday, 27 May 2011

Steve Gerrard's Wedding Photography Workshop - Birmingham

On Wednesday Myself and 11 others attended Steve Gerrard's Wedding Photography workshop in Birmingham. I managed to peer pressure photography friend Amy along as well because I thought she'd get a lot from the workshop (and I didn't want to be lonely!) She did bring lots of entertainment especially when her tamogotchi decided to give birth.

Anyway... back to the course. Steve was very forthcoming with his knowledge and experiences in setting up a photography business. He told us a lot about the things he has learnt on the way and has definitely got me thinking a lot about the way I want to take things from now on. He also showed us his workflow, and gave us some great tips to speed up the editing process. I can't believe I didn't know about Photoshop droplets... but thankful that I now do!!

In the afternoon we wandered the streets nearby Steve's studio in the old custard factory and took some pictures of our models for the day Dave and Leanne. I loved the shooting, we do not have the gritty locations that Birmingham has to offer here in Colchester. But I certainly think I'll be looking more at the less obvious locations for future shoots. I mean these two even made a skip look great...

I'll be posting a behind the scenes post soon as well as I got some fun photos of everybody in action on the day as well. See the links below to see everyone else's results from the day too (I'll be adding more as and when people update their blogs)

Amy Radcliffe
Jenny O'Neill


  1. you got a great selection of images Kerrie :) really nice work.

  2. These are really awesome shots Kerrie and stunning locations as well!