Wednesday, 14 March 2012

What to Wear - Family Photo Shoot Edition

With Mothers Day on the Farm approaching (this Saturday!) I thought I should get a post together to help you with planning your outfits for your photo shoot debut.

My only rule when it comes to dressing for your photo shoot is to not try to match too obviously. Blue jeans and white shirts for the whole family are out, and look like something from the 80's. Instead, I advise to dress in a similar colour palette or even work around an accent colour. 

If you decide to go the accent colour route, remember to think of your decor at home. If you plan to display your pictures on the wall you'll want to co-ordinate with the colours you've chosen to decorate your home with. 

Lastly, I always advise to dress smart/casual. You want to look a little more dressed up than normal, because you're going to see these pictures everyday. Wear an outfit that makes you feel amazing, the confidence will show on camera and confidence is the key to beautiful pictures!

In the example below I chose red as an accent colour, because it pops well in photos and should brighten up even the dullest day. Each outfit then just had to include a pop of red to bring the whole family together into a co-ordinated harmony.

Kids Outfits for Photo Shoots

Adults Outfits for Family Photo Shoot

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