Friday, 16 March 2012

One Frame Friday: 16.03.12

My zebra finches are expecting again... there are two tiny baby finches in their nest (and two more eggs!) so in a few weeks its going to get noisy in my living room as the babies start to scream for food until they are able to fly the nest themselves. I'm actually quite excited to see how this nest turn out seeing as their parents are both pure white.

I broke my own rules with this picture this week. I intended this project to be black and white only, but I just couldn't convert this one. I tried, tweaked and adjusted, but it just didn't have the same charm in black and white. Plus these little birds have gorgeous bright orange beaks, I didn't want to hide that!

If anyone would like to rescue their babies from a new home at the pet shop, get in touch they are free to a good home and once they're a bit bigger I can let you know if I have male or females. 

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