Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A Photographers Shoot Swap

Last thursday I met up with five photographers at the Salthouse Harbour Hotel in Ipswich. We'd come together in order to photograph each other for fun and also so we could update our 'about me' pictures on our websites. 

Working for yourself can be incredibly isolating at times, especially if you work from home. I sometimes feel like I go days without stepping outside or interacting with real people, so it was really refreshing to spend the day outside with a group of likeminded people. We spoke about business and bookings, about things we'd been trying. Shared tips on shooting and ate lunch in the sunshine. 

Below are my photographs of Amy Jordan, Ross Dean, Sara Thomas, Rachael Pereira and Nick Ilott

The photos taken of me by this brilliant bunch, will be added to my website, facebook and twitter accounts very soon.

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