Friday, 2 March 2012

One Frame Friday: 02.03.12

Yesterday I met up with a group of local photographers, to chat shop and practice on each other. It was something I was so glad I did as sometimes working for yourself can mean you work from home and barely see or speak to people for days. It was just nice to stroll along the waterside in Ipswich with the sun on our faces and speak about photography and the business of photography.

Being in front of the camera is always a strange thing for photographers, but we all offered to pose for each other in order to feel what its like to be a client and of course come home with pictures to update our profiles! 

It's always so interesting to see how other people shoot, and how differently others see things from you. 

I want to do more of this, not only to make some brilliant friends, but also so I come away as refreshed and inspired as I did yesterday.

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