Thursday, 11 August 2011

101 in 1001

So this is a list of 101 goals that I am aiming to accomplish in 1001 days (just over 2 and a half years). I've decided to make this not just a list for my business but also for my personal goals as well. Some are very ambitious, some out of character and others quite simple, but the main point is that I want to do them all. Since writing the list out I already feel really motivated to start crossing things off it!

I'll be blogging about each item as I manage to cross it off from the list. Once they are completed you'll be able to click on each one and read the corresponding blog post.

Start Date: August 9th 2011
End Date: May 8th 2014

1) Have my business rebranded by a professional designer - Completed 17/11/11
2) Create a Showit Website - Completed 17/11/11
3) Invest in consistent packaging and stationery that reflects my new brand.
4) Put together 'consultation packages' to give to potential clients.
5) Have informative flyers printed to give to potential clients when they enquire.
6) Make a promo video.
7) Have a wedding published on a blog
8) Create a sample wedding album
9) Create sample products for lifestyle sessions.
10) Create sample products for weddings
11) Reach 500 'Like's' on  my business' Facebook page
12) Have a wedding featured in a local magazine
13) Have a wedding featured in a national magazine
14) Exhibit at a wedding fair - Completed 29/01/12
15) Exhibit at a local event - Completed 27/08/11
16) Blog every weekday for a month
17) Buy a house
18) Visit Katie in New York
19) Comment on someone else's blog every weekday for a month
20) Regularly attend a yoga class
21) Get a makeover with a professional make-up artist and purchase products to use afterwards
22) Donate blood
23) Have photos taken by another professional photographer - Completed 15/10/11
24) Work for myself full time
25) Read 3 business books in 6 months
26) Run (or jog!) 3 times a week for a month
27) Own or rent a office space for my business
28) Get a dog
29) Get custom pens to give to clients
30) Advertise on a wedding blog
31) Photograph a wedding in a different country
32) Create a business systems manual.
33) visit Australia (and the ship friends that live there)
34) Book 20-25 weddings for one year
35) Own a iMac
36) Gather client feedback and testimonials through surveys
37) Regularly attend a aerobics class
38) Print more personal photographs
39) Read one fiction book a month for a year
40) Go back to Canada for a holiday
41) Visit Hannes in South Africa
42) See a musical - Completed 07/01/12
43) Go to Disneyland Paris
44) Organise a girls night out (or in) once a month for 6 months
45) Donate a photo shoot to a charity for a prize
46) Create a workflow chart to keep myself on track
47) Have a girlie holiday or weekend away
48) Plant a vegetable patch
49) Own some chickens
50) Send out a monthly newsletter by email
51) Switch to a Wordpress blog
52) Do a 10k run for charity
53) Make photo books with the pictures taken whilst working for Princess Cruises
54) Visit friends that have moved away
55) Eat breakfast everyday for a month
56) Find a new hobby (to replace photography now its my job!)
57) Go to Glastonbury festival
58) Host a dinner party for friends
59) Organise a charity event
60) Grow a herb garden
61) Have a spa day or weekend
62) Take pictures with film and develop and print them myself
63) Pay off my Princes Trust loan
64) Buy a film scanner so I can use my Diana camera more
65) Meet up once a month with another photographer
66) Offer 'Day In The Life' family photography
67) Buy another D700 camera to replace my current back-up
68) Trace my family history (on my mums side)
69) Come up with and stick to regular blog features
70) Revise my business plan each year
71) Make prints of the photo albums on my personal Facebook profile
72) Complete monthly business accounts on the first day of each month
73) Own a pair of Louboutin's
74) Buy a sewing machine and learn to sew
75) Send christmas cards to my friends
76) Ask my brides to send me their wedding day story to accompany their photos on my website
77) Improve my SEO
78) Re-decorate my bedroom
79) Use twitter every weekday for business for one month
80) Photograph an on location look book for a clothing label
81) Take a holiday in Italy
82) Become affiliated with a local clothes shop for teenage photo shoots
83) Have my hair cut into a style I like (and keep it!)
84) Compile a list of suppliers, venues and other industry professionals to recommend to wedding clients
85) Buy a flat screen TV
86) Plan a meet-up with my friends from university
87) Arrange regular Skype chats with friends from cruising
88) Finish decorating and furnishing my office
89) Find a local frame supplier to use for framed products
90) Implement a better backing up process for all photos and files
91) Overhaul my wardrobe
92) Organise my office cupboard
93) Buy fresh flowers every month for my office
94) Buy a potted plant (and keep it alive)
95) Purchase two SB-800's
96) Join a photographic society
97) Find a prettier way to store my jewellery
98) Purchase a camera bag to store back-up equipment
99) Write a Marketing Plan and revise it each year
100) Photograph a styled engagement session as an example for potential clients
101) Re-decorate a piece of old furniture


  1. Love this list. You have inspired me to compile one now.

  2. I feel tired just reading it! What an awesome list! I look forward to seeing all these exciting things on your blog soon! x

  3. Lisa, make sure you send me a link. Be good to see how we manage it!

    And Rachel, believe me it was tiring thinking of it! Need a week off before I attempt anything! lol

  4. That's one hell of a to-do list. I'm also inspired to do something like this but I wonder if it might stress me out?!

    Re meeting up with another photographer, I'd be happy to help with this. I'm pretty new to all this and I'm trying to link to as many other photogrphers as possible to learn from them and see how they do things.


  5. great idea and great list - well done

  6. Great idea! Nice to have some achievable goals and great to see you've ticked some off.

  7. I need a list! I have certain goals that are definite but I should write it all down and include the smaller goals too. Thanks Kerrie x

  8. love this list!! such a grreat favorite? Disneyland Paris! I'll meet you there. ;)