Tuesday, 14 February 2012

#42 - See A Musical

This cryptic clue was my Christmas present from Russell. I was immediately worried that he was planning to buy me a hotel on Leicester Square and the commute to work at my new job would be horrendous! But..... after further inspection (and help from my brother) it was in actual fact tickets to see Wicked and a hotel stay in London. I've never been great with putting things together!

I'd never seen a proper musical at the theatre before and so was beyond excited, plus I discovered we'd got an amazing 4* hotel with a view of St Pauls Cathedral to stay in. Here is the obligatory photo in a mirror to remember things by.

You'll have to excuse my really bad iPhone pictures below of the theatre and the stage as I didn't lug my camera out but once again, I just wanted something to remember it by!

The next day we had a lazy stroll around Spitalfields Market, and spend ages laughing at this street performer who kept making all the passers by jump out of their skin!

 Here was one last reminder of the weekend (with St Pauls in the background of course!)

I've now ticked my first personal goal off my 101 in 1001 list! Thanks Russell! xx

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