Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mothers Day: A Nine Year Old's View

On Mothers day I had been taking Gemma's Teen photos and so when it came to family lunch I was a little photo-ed out although I had my camera with me. My younger brother was bored within 5 minutes of arriving and finishing his homework and so I gave him my camera, set it on auto and let him snap away. Here are his pictures, which I did edit slightly (mainly adding my logo) but not alot, it's his composition and point of view and it's some pretty good work.

The men made starters and the main meal, however my older brother managed to get away with it.

Had to include a picture of my mum on mothers day....

After he came back and showed me this on on the LCD screen I told him to try getting up really close to one of the flowers and seeing what would happen. Then he came back with the two below... I think he's a natural.

We had to have an obligatory group picture, which with a 50mm prime was difficult for Ben to make sure he had everyone in frame (he was in another room for this shot!) I can't remember what we're laughing at, but I like this picture because we're all doing something different.

So I now offer a nine year old second shooter... is that allowed?! :D


  1. This is a lovely post Kerrie :) I recently let me four year old cousin (!!) loose with mine and some of the shots are just genius!

    It is so fascinating to see a young person's eye through the lens and I just wish someone had let me loose with their big fancy camera when I was that young! x

  2. Thanks Ali, I'm glad he did it really, thats the only remaining proof of the first ever cheesecake I made! :D x