Monday, 11 April 2011

Claudia Carter - Shoot Swap

It seems like ages ago now that Claudia and I met for lunch in Colchester whilst she was down for a few days to meet lots of photographers in London. We did a bit of shopping and then took some pictures of each other at Castle Park.

Claudia is such an inspiration to both myself and lots of other people. I met her at SWPP in January and she seems to have single handedly pulled together a great community of photographers both pro and amateur to offer advice and experience to one another. Before SWPP I didn't know anyone, and after a meet-up in the pub after the conference I was suddenly able to faces to names and even speak to Chris Becker. She is also in the process of setting up 'Photography Events UK' a website that will list all photographic events such as workshops, exhibitions, shoot swaps, meet-ups, conferences in one place online. It's a mammoth task but such a great idea, it wont be long until it launches!

Below are my pictures of Claudia from our meet-up.

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