Thursday, 7 April 2011

Gemma - Teen Representative 2011 - Braintree Teen Photo Shoot.

Gemma reminds me of exactly of how I would be if I were her age and going for a photo shoot. Nervous! She started off shy, but after a few frames she hit her stride and enjoyed the process and this is the case with everyone I photograph. It's always nerve wracking being in front of the camera! I'm happy to say you can't tell in these pictures though, she looks amazing and I had a hard time cutting them down for blogging and Facebook. Gemma's sister Kate also did her some great make-up.

Gemma chose to have her photo shoot at a park nearby her house and then we wandered down to the Braintree Public Gardens when she changed outfits. It was also such a gorgeous day weather-wise, which made me glad that we had previously cancelled Gemma's shoot twice! I much prefer these results than what we would have got in rainy cold March.

I brought along a couple of camera's for Gemma to pose with in this shoot because she has started studying photography at college so we thought it would be fitting to have her pose with my Polaroid and Diana camera.

Make sure you leave some comments on the blog and let Gemma know just how great she did, despite those worries!


  1. Stunning Kerrie, love the hair flip and cart wheel shots!

  2. These are so pretty! I particularly love the fourth and fifth row from the bottom!

  3. Thank you for lovely comments :) She was fab!