Monday, 7 February 2011

Lynsey - Teen Representative 2011 - University of Essex Photo Shoot

Lynsey is a student at the University of Essex, so when she applied to be teenage representative for me I immediately thought the campus would make a great location for her photo shoot. We decided to explore a little and used an empty lecture theatre for some shots as well as the gardens and lake surrounding the campus.

Lynsey's photo shoot also took part on the windiest day ever known. But once again, worked in her favour by providing a great wind-machine. Some of the pictures even looked like they were taken in the summer with some clever trickery of the lighting conditions.

Couldn't resist the chance to shoot a Ellie Goulding-esque shot in the wind!

Thank you for coming along and braving the wind and cold Lynsey!


  1. LOOOVE this pics, Well done Kerrie!

  2. Thank you Tatum! Was a fun day :D