Monday, 10 January 2011

Monday's Little Drop of Inspiration

So we're two weeks into the new year now, how are those new years resolutions holding up? I've decided to make a serious effort and blog more regularly and in so doing have come up with a couple of weekly features. The first of those being this today, Monday's Little Drop of Inspiration.

Monday's Little Drop of Inspiration will include examples of some fabulous photo shoots from around the world and photographers that I particularly admire out there on the tinterweb. I hope that these series can provide you all with some ideas for your own photo shoots and get you thinking outside the box a bit.

I have a bit of a winter weather edition for you here this week. The rain and the wind we're experiencing at the moment is horrible but if you can brave it, there's some great opportunities for photographs. 

First up this week from LifeAsArt Photography are these fun fairground photos. I'm loving the vibrancy and colour, and even the way the general public have been featured alongside the couples. You can see the complete set by clicking here.

I know we've had a fair share of snow recently and most of us are sick of the stuff! However if you've booked up a photo session with me and it happens to snow on the day embrace it because you may just end up with photos like these... and really, how often do you get that chance? 

Photography by Rebekah Westover

Sarah Rhodes Photography demonstrates below, that even the windiest of days can produce amazing results...

Rain... it's inevitable. Kellie Kano managed to wield the following pictures from a pretty heavy downpour...

You can always to opt to stay in if the weather is putting you off outdoor pictures. Below is Elsie (of A Beautiful Mess) and Jeremy's cozy indoor engagement photo shoot taken by Team Rhodes

I hope thats inspired you to think a little into your location for your photo shoots, and proved that even the worst of weather conditions can produce some fabulous results!

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