Monday, 23 January 2012

A Spotlight On: Wedding Albums

When I started up my business I wanted to be sure that I could offer products that just oozed with effortless luxury and quality. That's why I decided to offer Folio Albums in my wedding collections. A wedding album is something to love, treasure and pass onto future generations and so I wanted to make sure any I designed were going to stand the test of time and look both beautiful and timeless.

Each stunning luxury art album arrives in environmentally friendly packaging, wrapped in a natural unbleached cotton sleeve. The keepsake box and albums fine art pages are made from recycled materials from sustainable sources, and produced in the UK. You can be assured your wedding album is as 'green' as can be and it's production supports many UK suppliers.

Each hand bound album can be embossed with your names or the date of your wedding whilst the back cover carries my logo. There are also a variety of leather finishes and colours. The example I'm showing you in this blog post is a 12x12 album in plum.

Printed on thick fine art paper, your images will have a vibrant high resolution matt finish that wont harbour any fingerprints! The lay flat pages produce an almost invisible crease and the inks don't crack or discolour when the pages are folded.

I've been searching for a company like folio for a long time, and I'm so pleased to be able to offer them to wedding clients. In comparison to a lot of other album companies I was just astounded by the absolute attention to detail and quality of these albums. As soon as you feel one you'll be in love. I adore how the images are printed directly onto the pages, the softness and texture of each page and the variety of cover options.

If you're planning on booking a wedding with me this year I'll be including Folio Albums in packages starting from £1500. I'll also soon have some samples to bring along to consultations and show off at wedding fairs.

So there you have it, a gorgeous eco friendly keepsake to remember your wedding day by!


  1. Kerrie, I use Folio too and love them. Had to comment as your wallpaper is awesome! xx

  2. ha ha! Thanks Ali, it's actually a wall sticker goes half way up the wall and looks fab. :)

  3. Mmmmm, should I switch my album supplier.....