Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Behind The Scenes - Kitty & Dulcie Bridal Shoot

The day we did this photo shoot was so cold. We put the caravan in a position that just seemed to attract the wind and poor Chloe had to make it look warm prancing around in her wedding dresses! See it's glamour in this business, whilst we're in jumpers and scarfs she was just wrapped up in a blanket between shots to keep warm.

Below is a selection of behind the scenes pictures so you can see what we got up to and who was involved. To see the full edited shoot check out these two posts: Vintage Caravan Bridal Shoot and Hazy Days Caravan Hire Promotional Shoot

All of these photos are courtesy of the lovely Lauren Baker who came along to capture shots behind the scenes for me on the day!

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  1. Great to see how much work goes on in the background to such a fabulous shoot!