Monday, 12 September 2011

A Spotlight On: Photo Books

Often when people come to me to have their pictures taken they want a way to collect and store lots of photos from their photo session without having to spend too much money on buying lots of individual prints or framed items. The ideal solution to this conundrum is to purchase a photo book.

Photo Books are individually designed by myself featuring all of your best images from your photo shoot. You pick the front and back cover images and I'll fill in the rest to tell a story of your session from beginning to end. 

I just received this gorgeous photo book in the post today of the Costanzo's photo session, which I put together as a sample to show potential clients. 

Each album is printed on thick premium paper with matt finished pages ensuring that no sticky fingerprints will transfer onto the covers or the pages. 

These albums are also the same as the albums I supply for wedding couples to use as a guestbook during their evening reception. Each album has plenty of white space surrounding the images for your guests to leave messages of congratulations.

All albums are also provided in a protective sleeve to prevent damage whilst being stored and protecting the album from any light fading whilst sitting on your bookshelf.

I know I'm biased but personally I think these albums are the ultimate cost effective way to receive your pictures after a shoot. I currently offer them as part of my 'anytime collection' for family, child, couple, teen, maternity, baby and individual portraits.They also make brilliant presents for christmas or birthdays. I currently supply them in A4 or A3 sizes and each album comes with roughly 26 pages full of your images.

So if you've had a shoot already or have one booked up, I look forward to designing you your very own album!

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