Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Harry's Den Building Birthday Party

For those of you following my Facebook or Twitter pages you would have seen me mention how excited I was to be invited to 10 year old Harry's den building birthday party this weekend. This was one for the kids (but I secretly think the adults had more fun!)

All the children and adults were split into 3 teams and had to make a den with only the materials found in the woods. Harry's dad had been in and cut up logs, ready for us to use a few days before and each team were supplied with a saw, string, cotton wool, a pair of secateurs, marshmallows and a flint to light a fire.

After the den building, fire-lighting and marshmallow eating was complete Harry's uncle came down and judged each den according to the structure, use of space, interior design, modern features, fire lighting, many more.... the list went on....

You can take a look at my teams efforts below.

We of course won, with such a magnificent structure! Complete with dining table, upstairs area with handmade ladder, scenic window and cozy campfire area. 

Halle's reaction below is hilarious! She was thrilled.

 Happy 10th Birthday Harry! Look forward to next years party already!!


  1. This looks like SOOO much fun! Would it be odd if I had one for my 30th?!!!!

  2. You should definitely have one for your 30th!!