Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Creating Opportunities...

I started my blog and website just over a year ago now, and during the whole of 2010 I could probably count my visitors on one hand and they were all my family! Last month my blog views were over 4000, thats not huge to some people but to me it's amazing. Thats 4000 people looking at my blog, seeing my work and possibly come back again.

This has all happened because I've decided to do something about it. In 2010 I was working and just didn't seem to find the time to plan shoots, edit and blog. I wasn't on twitter and I only updated my Facebook business page when I had some work to show. This meant that although I had a few followers, people weren't taking me seriously because it didn't seem to be a priority. And I agree, sometimes I'd blog straight after I'd edited a shoot and my next blog post wouldn't be for another three months. I clearly wasn't focused on making this work for me.

In the lead up to January 2011 I kept saying it would be a 'new year, new start' (cheesey!) and as soon as it rolled around I put things into action. I contacted wedding blogs about featuring my work, e-mailed photographers for second shooting, joined forums, joined twitter, networked online til my eyes bled, signed myself up for the SWPP (Society of wedding and portrait photographers) convention and most importantly started planning shoots.

I have to thank the amazing Lou of Whimsical Wonderland Weddings for featuring Hayley's 'Rock The Frock' shoot. Not only did it show potential brides my work, but it got my name out among the photography community. At SWPP a couple of photographers mentioned to me that they had seen it and liked it. That kind of feedback from peers is so overwhelmingly important and really helped me to realise my potential. 

If I'd of known this time last year what I'd be up to now I don't think I would have believed it. Even more unbelievable is that I would have been asked to be interviewed about careers in the wedding industry and invited to talk in a Skype interview alongside Emma Case about creating your own destiny in photography. Craziness but it has happened!

Photo Night Live is a new online video resource for photographers. Each week Ross Dean poses questions to a pro photographer and an emerging photographer and they discuss the industry as well as share tips and advice. My interview with Ross and Emma was invaluable, and I am so overwhelmed by the response from people who have seen it so far. We spoke about Creating Opportunities in the photography industry, because no one can start a business without actually doing something about it!

I still haven't been able to watch this back all the way through, I cringe at the sound of my voice! But it is  full of great advice from Emma and Ross, so if you have a spare 45 mins take a look!

I'm still a long way off this emerging business providing for me. But it's getting there, and people are getting to know my name. So perseverance really is key, keep at it!

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