Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sophie - Teen Representative 2011 - Colchester Photo Shoot

I'm so delighted to share these photos. Think it may be my quickest editing turnaround because I have just been so excited to get them up here and show Sophie.

Sophie came along yesterday for her teen representative photo shoot. It was cold, but luckily she was a trooper and you'd never tell! She also brought along her mum and friend Mia, who were perfect assistants for the day (they suggested we used the tyre, geniuses!).

Enjoy the photos below, I have to say that in some of the images Sophie reminds me of Anne Hathaway, see if you can spot the ones I mean.

Thank you again for coming along Sophie, your rep cards and posters are on their way. I hope you have fun being a representative.

There is still one place left for teen representatives, if you're interested get in touch by emailing me via: kerrie@kerriemitchell.co.uk


  1. Wow! I really like these! They are gorgeous! And the model is absolutely stunning. Love the outfits, the location - everything. Job well done!

  2. Stunning pictures...I love the vintage clothing contrasted with the modern graffiti. Gret work.

  3. Thank you for the lovely comments :) x

  4. Very cool shots, good job on the processing as well