Friday, 11 February 2011

Charlotte H - Teen Representative 2011 - Braintree Photo Shoot

Charlotte is my fourth teen representative and had some great ideas for her photo shoot. We photographed her first two looks in a field opposite her house and despite it being slightly boggy the pictures look fab. We then went to Braintree Freeport station for her final look and got some great pictures there.

Charlotte also opted to use a make-up-artist for her photo shoot. The lovely Charlie Ross came along and did two make-up looks for the shoot, and Charlotte had never worn fake eyelashes before so it was a complete transformation!

Charlie Ross is available for all teen photo shoots, and if you'd like her to come along to provide your make up for a limited time she'll do so for just £15. 

I'm going to get this post started with some behind the scenes images of the make-up process, then we'll dive straight into Charlotte's shoot.

We got some amazing light at the end of the photo shoot whilst at the station. You'd never guess it's February! Thanks for inviting us along Charlotte!


  1. Well done Kerrie! Nice set of images here and a good amount of variation. :)