Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Printing Photographs

Back in 2009 I started work on a cruise ship with Princess Cruises as a photographer. I spent 6 months living on the Island Princess and met some amazing people I'm happy to call friends for life, even though they seem to be scattered all over the planet.

Today I decided to collect all my photos from the experience into one place and started to design a photo book. I am notoriously bad for printing photos, I take hundreds of pictures and they just get left in a folder on my computer. It's pretty sad really, but I can spend ages looking through them and reliving the memories. I think this is the way most people have become, the main priority of my 'social' photographs from nights out or family occasions has just been to  upload them to Facebook after the event and then, they're, well... forgotten about.

I did make the effort straight after receiving home from working on ships, and printed out a selection that I have framed on my wall in my living room.

However, since taking the time to print and sort the pictures above, I'm guilty again of not printing a single picture for myself to frame in my home! The whole of 2010, there were countless occasions where I had my camera and took some lovely photos of my family and friends. Yet not one of them has made it into tangible form! I have lots of walls to be adorned with pictures, so this year I'll be sure to think twice before condemning my snaps to another folder on my computers memory.

Am I the only one guilty of this?! Surely in the digital age, its becoming (sadly) the norm!

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