Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2010 - A New Year Recap

When I decided to do this post I had no idea it would take me so long to put together! It was hard to go through and select my favourite images and I kept coming across ones that I must have missed during the first round of editing. However I got there in the end and it has accumulated into this very long image loaded post.

In January last year I'd just returned from working on ships and decided that 2010 would be the year that I'd be able to finally start working for myself a little and make some money from my photography. It didn't initially turn out that way and looking back on the year its been a long process of portfolio building and gaining experience. I'm glad I did it, regardless of the fact a lot of these shoots were done as freebies. It has been valuable in terms of helping to define my style and so I have a lot of people to thank for that.

Below I've rounded up all of my favourites from the year, take a look.

 Liana & Matt: Engagement Session

Anna, Rachael & Natalie: Fashion Shoot

Fia: Anytime Session

Cayden: Christening

Slopes: Anytime Session

Mei Mei & Brendan: Anytime Session

Roo & Mel: Wedding

Charlotte, Emma & Nicolette: Teen Shoot

Hayley: Anytime Bridal Session

Vicky & Duane: Anytime Session

 Keeley & Matt: Anytime Session

I'm hoping I'll do twice as many shoots in 2011 and that it will start making me a second income. So fingers crossed!

Thank you to everyone who has appeared above, you have all been wonderful sports and helped me so much by taking part this year.

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