Thursday, 15 April 2010

New Friends

Lookie at what arrived in the post recently....

I have been lusting after this hunk of glass for a while and I'm so over the moon its here and I'm finally able to use it in future sessions. I also recently purchased a D200 so the two are a perfect match! Now who whats a photo shoot? I'm off out to attack some family and friends with my new additions!

Some old news as well. I finally got my business cards sorted. I used a design by EW Couture found over at PIFphoto and customised it to fit my website and business colours. I love that marketing pack, it helped me to brand my business on the cheap until I can afford to do it properly some day in the future. I got my business cards from MOO, who I also adore for enabling photographers and artists to showcase their work on one side of the card. Its like a mini portfolio of your work. I went for 5 different photographs for now. I'm running out already, everyone seems to love them!

New pricing structures are also underway on my website. So I'll be blogging as soon as that is all finished. I'm also planning on adding a section all about myself, which is a bit scary. So watch this space.

Don't forget.... my contest to win a 2 hour photoshoot is still under way, just email or comment to this post if your interested! You can also enter via my Facebook fan page by liking, commenting or emailing me also. The winner will be announced on May 2nd!


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