Sunday, 28 February 2010

Things I'm Loving on the www

I have been pretty quiet on the blog front of late, the weather has been miserable and I've not shot anything new in a long time. So I have decided to update with some of the things I have been loving on the world wide web recently.

Since I decided to start blogging alongside my website, I've been checking out blogs all over the place, I'm now completely in love with Green Wedding Shoes the wedding photography I have seen on there makes me so excited at the chance of shooting a wedding in the future. Plus I love looking at how these people have been styling their weddings. 

Another blog of the moment is iDiy it makes me wish I was crafty and made everything myself. I found this blog through Green Wedding Shoes because a lot of the DIY projects are for wedding invitation and guest favours. But also a lot of the stuff here would be great to hang in your home. I might start simple with some paper cranes.

Lastly Poladroid has to be one of my most favourite things of the moment. It takes any of your digital photos and makes it into a polaroid photo. Plus its free and I love stuff that is free! Oh and did I mention Justin Timberlake is a fan? Anything he likes I'll love. I'm not even ashamed to admit that. Below are some examples of my Poladroid fun.



1. Walking on the beach in Costa Rica  2. Cocktails in Costa Rica 3. Splashing about in Ocho Rios  4. Myself and Katie in Aruba.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


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