Friday, 4 May 2012

A Peek into My World.

Today I thought I'd give all a little glimpse into my day to day life, by giving you a tour (a very short tour!) of my office space at home. 

This is where I spend my days when I'm not out shooting, editing weddings, responding to enquiries and just generally working on my business. I'm quite lucky that we have a spare room, that was being used for nothing but junk before I decided to take over it.

As you can see it is very white! I decided that I wanted it that way in order to bring some colour in with accessories. That way it wasn't stuck to a particular colour scheme and I could change as and when I wanted to.

You may notice that I'm working just from a Macbook Pro! It's connected to a few hard-drives which you can't see but I hope at the start of next year to upgrade to a iMac, with a bigger screen for editing. The Macbook has served me very well though.

I made these memo boards myself from cork tiles, fabric and two large ikea frames after searching everywhere for something similar! I just didn't like the idea of a regular old ugly corkboard on my wall. I use them for collecting pose inspiration from magazines and catalogues and pinning up the cards I receive from all my lovely clients. One also holds an envelope containing my 101 in 1001 list, so its always there in front of me to keep me motivated!

My shelves house some of my photo-booth props, and a couple of sample products and ornaments that I use when visiting clients or exhibiting at fairs. At the moment I also have a jar with two roses and a gorgeous peony from Claire at Lily and May, from our styled shoot at the start of the week! They are certainly filling the air with a lovely scent.

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into my office space!


  1. SERIOUSLY?!?!?!!? Your office is the cutest office EVER! Enjoy the beauty of it, my friend! You are one lucky lady! :) <3

  2. Lovely work space! So neat & tidy - and I adore that wall sticker/stencil x

  3. Glad my Peony is making itself useful! x