Monday, 6 February 2012

How You Can Use Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

I'm sure I've mentioned countless times before my addiction with Pinterest. But for those of you who may never have heard of it I wanted to offer you a handy blog post about why I feel this could be an amazing tool and resource for you to use in the planning stages of your wedding day.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows you to 'pin' images from anywhere on the internet to your own categorised pinboards. It also allows you to look at other users pinboards, and re-pin anything that may also capture your interest. It basically cuts out the whole 'right click save as' process you may have used before when you came across something online you liked. It may even save you from having to print things out and collect them in wedding files (if you have one) as by categorising your boards you can have a whole section dedicated to dresses, flowers or grooms attire. You can then email the link to friends and family or link from Facebook.

So How Do you Get Started?

You'll need to request an invite to sign up to Pinterest (yep there is a waiting list to join) or you can be invited by a friend. (Add a comment to this post with your email if you'd like me to invite you). Once you are signed up and ready to go the next thing I personally advise is that you add the 'Pin It' button to your internet browser. This is the button you will need to pin items from other websites to your virtual boards.

To install the 'pin it' button go to your account homepage and then in the right hand corner under 'about' click on 'pin it button' and follow the instructions. Once installed you are free to browse the internet and collect images of anything that takes your fancy. What is even better is that by pinning the image to your boards it will automatically create a link to the page you pinned it from, meaning you can always find your way back to the website for future reference.

You'll also notice a comment bubble when you hover over or pin images, this allows you to write a comment about the item. So you may be creating a board about typography for your invites and use this feature to comment on the style. I.e - calligraphy, typewriter etc.

You'll notice once joining up that lots of images pinned by people you don't know or follow appear on the homepage. You can also select categories or use the search bar inside Pinterest to search for items already pinned by others. This is the area you can utilise to re-pin other users pins, so if you search for orange for example you'll see pins from all over related to that search term.

If you're pinning for your wedding I'd recommend creating different boards for different items. So create one for cakes, dresses, flowers, colours etc. I'd also personally recommend creating one for 'photos'. 

Photo's are what makes Pinterest come alive. It is swarmed with wedding photography and so re-pinning pictures you've seen and loved will give me a real insight to the style of photography you want on your wedding day. 

Above is a look at the boards I currently have on the go. I pin things that I like for home decor, hairstyles I come across (and never try out!!) and outfit ideas I've found. I also have one titled 'pose inspiration' for when I find great pictures of couples to refer to for upcoming photo shoots. If you'd like to take a look closer just follow this link to see.

I hope this helps you to understand the amazing use of Pinterest. I'll warn you now however that it will become addictive! Don't forget to leave a comment if you'd like an invite and let me know if you already use it, how you've found it useful.

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