Friday, 13 January 2012

One Frame Friday - 13.01.12

I needed a project this year to push my creative side. I've often joked with family that I'm a rubbish photographer because outside of actual real jobs, I rarely have my camera on me. So in light of this I've decided a little project to force me to take my camera everywhere is the solution.

To keep it simple I've opted to post a picture every friday on my blog, just one simple picture of my everyday life. I've also decided that this photo is to be a black and white frame each week. The reasoning behind that is because I love colour, I look for colour in every shoot I do and I get really excited by it. However going back to pushing my creativity I needed a challenge and for me that is shooting and seeing in black and white.

So to kick of the first week of One Frame Friday, I have this picture of my lovely friend Kerry O'Brine modelling her Midnight coat. We've vowed to meet up every month to keep each other in check and on track with our businesses and this was our first meeting of 2012.

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