Saturday, 29 January 2011

Assisting Carlo Nicora - London Lingerie Shoot

On tuesday 18th on January I had the opportunity to tag along and assist Carlo and Fabiana Nicora on a lingere photo shoot in Battersea, London. I've never assisted on a photo shoot before, and Carlo and Fabiana made me feel really welcome from the moment I walked in the door. They were also happy for me to take some images for myself which I'll soon be adding to my portfolio.

Below are some behind the scenes images I took throughout the day;

Hair and make up was provided by Gabriella and Csaba from Karda Beauty 

Carlo and Fabiana were both very open and informative about the techniques they were using. For the most part Carlo was shooting with a ring flash whilst Fabiana shot with natural light (because of those huge windows!) or using a softbox. I really appreciated the chance to see them using lighting creatively, before now the only lighting experience I've had has been very regimental. By that I mean that the light has always been metered and the distances measured from the subject, I really liked the laid back attitude they had by just adjusting it when necessary by looking at the results in camera, rather than metering for each shot.

Models were Hayley and Sabine from Girl management and styling was provided by Natalie from Natalie styles.

Below are three shots I've chosen to include in my fashion portfolio. I've tried a different kind of processing on these images and given them a vintage-y effect. I usually shy away from the vintage style because I love colour and hate to desaturate my images too much. However, for these I think the effect works really well. I used Pioneer Womans photoshop actions, which are free so be sure to check them out!

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  1. Awesome Shots Kerrie and very informative blog post. I really enjoyed it!