Sunday, 25 April 2010

Rates & Packages

I now have put rates up on my website under the investment section. I decided to keep it simple and offer just one package for portraits and one for weddings but of course I can also offer bespoke quotes if required. Each package comes with some prints included and a CD with the same images on. Spring/Summer sessions are still available and wedding packages can still be booked for this summer after June 2010. Just get in touch via my website for information about the dates I have available for both portraits sessions and weddings.



I've also added a section about myself to the website which I've been fretting about doing for months! After taking and editing some photos of myself, I have been nervous about finally releasing them to the website, because of what people would think when they saw them and read the section about myself. I don't want to come across as vain or self centred I just believe that potential clients would prefer to see their photographer and know a little about them before placing a booking. I really hate writing about myself and found this section very difficult. However I decided to explain my background in photography and hope I came across well. 

My contest is still running, exactly one week left until the winner is announced. Chance to win a FREE 2 hour photo session in a location of your choice. Enter via my facebook fan page by commenting on my wall, or commenting on this blog post below. You can also enter by emailing 

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